Planning ahead options at Memorial Park Cemetery in Topeka, KS

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can make all the difference.

Planning today for tomorrow’s cemetery needs allows you to choose the property and merchandise that you desire - and can afford - now, when decisions can be made calmly and rationally.

It offers you and your loved ones the greatest gift of all - peace of mind.

Memorial Park Cemetery plan ahead options

Peace of Mind

When a loved one dies, there are many decisions that must be made in a very difficult, emotional time. By planning ahead for burial or cremation needs, you remove some of this burden from your family members.

Our staff of caring professionals will help relieve the burden and anxiety of decision making from your loved ones by creating a permanent record of your preferences. By following your plan, your family will know they are abiding by your wishes.

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We offer a variety of creative options for personalizing your services. With our quality markers, monuments and merchandise, you can make a personal statement about your life.

When planning ahead, you have time to consider your options carefully and ask questions of our staff. Call us to get started.